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OnMouseOver for the DIV tag

I've been working on a project that involves menu items (links to applications and reports) in our intranet portal.  These items are separated into categories/folders.

So I've been working on changing the functionality of our menu system that allows you to pin and unpin the menu items to a Favorites section.  The Favorites section is up top and you can have a max of 10 favorites. 

Yesterday I ran into an issue that didn't make sense.  Within a DIV tag I had 2 other DIVs, one DIV displayed the menu link, and the other for the image of the pin.  I used the OnMouseOver event for the main DIV to show the pin next to the menu link, but it would only show when the mouse was over the link (not over blank parts of the main DIV).

I put a border around the main DIV as a test to see what was going on.  This showed just a line, which was above the menu item.  So, I put a height style into the main DIV and it worked! 

I tried finding a solution for the issue on the web but nothing was really that good or straightforward so I decided to put this little tidbit on here.  But I also realize now you can use the "w3-container" class.

Note, I also used OnMouseOut event for when the DIV doesn't have the mouse over it anymore.  Most of this functionality was written in javascript and jQuery.


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