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Next Book: Straight to the Top - Becoming a World-Class CIO

So the next book I've just started reading is called Straight to the Top - Becoming a World-Class CIO - I choose this as my next book to read because of a few things. 

First, I wanted to read something different compared to the last book, which was The New Psycho-Cybernetics (which is also a great book!).  That book was more about improving your self-image, how to work on yourself to be more confident, successful, etc.  Straight to the Top is more of a how to book, with specifics on how to become a CIO. 

Secondly, I wanted to read a book that will eventually help me reach my future goals.  Or should I say a book that has a more specific pathway on how I can get there.  Don't get me wrong, The New Psycho-Cybernetics will also help me reach my future goals, and it's actually a book that I will read again.  But the CIO book gives examples of how the author became a CIO, what employers are looking for in CIO's, and also what recruiters are looking for.

I've also seen more companies starting a new title for some executives called CWO (Chief Web Officer) - and is actually more inline with my work experience the past 22 years.  But ultimately everyone is more familiar with the CIO title. 

If you're reading this, what's your opinion on roles of the CIO?  If you're a CIO, what steps did you take to get there?  Did you have a mentor?  Have you mentored anyone? 


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Love the XMLHttpRequest Object

I was reading up on some XML and AJAX stuff the other day and came across the XMLHttpRequest Object - when I come across snippets of code like the example in the link, I always try to figure a way to incorporate it into my work.  I always ask myself is this something I can use and make my software more efficient?

This was something I most definitely could use as we have a system of part numbers in our database.  We have users that select part numbers to enter Selling Opportunities so I was able to use the code to look up the part numbers more quickly, showing the part numbers, qty on hand, and some other pertinent info.
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Wow, the month of January 2018 has flown by!  I cannot believe it's Feb 1 already!  But I will say I've been pretty happy with the progress of keeping my goals for the 2018 year!

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1. Recite the Optimist Creed every morning (well at least during work days)

2. No more Mountain Dew in the morning

3. I've learned PHP and in the progress of learning C# and (progress is good!)

4.  I'm almost finished reading Soft Skills by John Sonmez (trying to read 1 book per Quarter)

5. Family vacation to Disney has been booked!

6. Blog has been started!

Book Review: The New Psycho-Cybernetics

The book The New Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz is truly an amazing book!  This book should be read by everyone!  Whether your self-image is good or bad this book talks about taking steps to improve your self-image, live a longer life, and ultimately be happy!

I myself feel like I have a good self-image, my self-esteem is high and overall I'm an optimistic and happy person.  But I can see how a book like this can help me strive for higher achievements and help me to reach those higher goals!

For those with poor self-images and low esteem this book will benefit you immensely.  The book talks about several examples where people have been down, sick, lonely.  But have gone through the exercises in the book and come out with a much better self-image and becoming much more happy.

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